Entering a Search Term

A search term can be entered from the home page search box, or by clicking on the search icon (magnifying glass) on the left, which will display the Search panel as shown below.

Search Results

Type some search text and hit return or click on the Search button to see the results (figure below). The results are shown as a list to the right of the search panel which can be scrolled vertically. There is a scroll bar below the thumbnails. To hide the search box area, click on the white X, top right.

You can freely enter any number of words within the ‘Quick Search’ field. By default if you enter multiple keywords, articles with all of them will be found. For example ‘IMM conference proceedings’, will bring up documents with all the terms ‘IMM’ AND ‘hotel’ AND ‘proceedings’ in their metadata, regardless of the order. You can also put ‘AND’ between the terms to perform the same search.
You can search for images containing ANY of a series of keywords by using the word OR. For example ‘conference OR proceedings’ would bring up any documents with either the word ‘conference’ or ‘proceedings’ in their metadata.
You can exclude words from your search by putting a minus (-) in front of the word you want to exclude. For example, ‘conference -proceedings’ will show all documents that have the word ‘conference’ but not ‘proceedings’ associated with them.
A history of previous searches is displayed below the Search button, as shown in the figure above. You can repeat a search by clicking on one of the buttons with previous search terms in this history.
In the search results, menu icons are displayed below a thumbnail image of each document, allowing the user to open a preview, add the document to a private library, or  download the document.
A preview is displayed as shown below.

Additional image details are shown, and below these are icons to download or add to a lightbox. The arrows either side of the preview allow the user to move to the previous or next document in the search results without returning to the thumbnails page.
Click on the X icon in the top right corner of the preview area to close the preview and return to the search results (see figure below).

Advanced Search

Click on the binoculars icon on the right of the Search button to display the Advanced Search (figure below).

Enter search terms in any of the advanced search fields displayed and click on the Search button. The results will be displayed as with a quick search. Note: the system displays a special syntax in the search box for advanced searches, so you will see for example “@title:conference/” in the quick search box to represent an advanced search for a Title containing “conference”. There is no need to use this syntax: simply enter text in the Advanced Search boxes in the usual way.
If a phrase is entered in an Advanced Search, the search will not always return exact matches for the phrase: the results will show articles which contain all the words in the phrase, but not necesssarily in the order given.

Refining a Search

Refine Search options are displayed in the Search panel below the search history, after a search has been made.

You can refine a search by ticking the boxes for Author, Publication, Year, and Author/Creator. The options available depend on the search made.

Downloading Images

The download icon can be used to download an image from the search results or preview areas, depending on the user’s permissions.
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